Shortage Of Healthcare Workers

There is a shortage of qualified healthcare workers in the sub-Saharan regions of West Africa. The reasons vary, but primary among them is the flight of trained physicians and nurses to Europe and North America (U.S. and Canada).

This lack of healthcare professionals has hampered efforts such as reducing HIV/AIDS infection, child and maternal mortality, and the scourge of malaria.

Building the University of West Africa’s College of Medicine is critical to building the healthcare system in this part of the world to a world class level.

The African Education Foundation is committed to helping this college achieve that status by way of funding both healthcare education at levels and basic research relevant to West Africa.








SEED Fund (Sustaining Education through Economic Development): The Foundation shall consider making funding available for the creation of small businesses to generate income, create jobs, and, most importantly, to subsidize the cost of education.
Shortage Of Healthcare Workers

Shortage of Health Care Workers in sub-Saharan is taking a toll of the ability of the region to create sustainable societies...