Welcome to The African Education Foundation

The African Education Foundation is a U.S. tax-exempt public charitable foundation dedicated to developing human potential and expanding educational opportunity for the underprivileged.

We are committed to facilitating access to education that transforms lives and communities and that which produces the homegrown expertise needed to provide services and lift communities out of poverty.

Education is key to fighting poverty; for it enables people to address the root causes, instead of responding to symptoms.

Our approach to working with a community is comprehensive, addressing the needs of the whole community, integrative, addressing multiple needs of a community through one platform, and self-sustaining, generating local resource to enable self funding of services.







Sustaining Education thru Economic Development  (SEED)
The Foundation shall consider making funding available for the creation of small businesses to generate income, create jobs, and, most importantly, to subsidize the cost of education.
Shortage Of Healthcare Workers

Shortage of Health Care Workers in sub-Saharan is taking a toll of the ability of the region to create sustainable societies...